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PORTRAITS Meeting with Paul-Etienne Jacob, co-founder of Epycure


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Today, we are going to meet Paul-Etienne (Paulette for short).

Co-founder of Epycure, he is always listening, bending over 13823838 to help others and satisfy our customers as best as possible.

He is clearly addicted to chocolate 🍫 (but that shouldn't be said), is always hungry 😁 and shares his journey and inspirations with us.

Paulette, can you briefly tell us about your journey?

I grew up in Versailles in a family of 5 children and I am the last.

I was lucky to have a family made up of inspiring personalities who always supported me in my entrepreneurial choices.

After my baccalaureate, I joined Assas Paris II in management economics, then 2 years later I joined the Magisterium in Banking Finance at the same university where I specialized in corporate finance. During my internships, I particularly enjoyed meeting entrepreneurs and it was at this precise moment that I wanted to position myself on the other side of the table . I decided to join ESCP to follow a master's degree specialized in entrepreneurship and at the same time I launched Massage Chouette, a therapeutic massage service in business carried out by physiotherapists.

At the end of 2018, I left Massage Chouette to found Epycure with Angélique and Marc.

What do you do at Epycure?

I am responsible for all operations, customer relations, product, technology and administrative & financial matters.

It’s transversal and super enriching, because our work involves dealing with very different trades:

  • logisticians to set up all the tedious processes due to complex customization constraints,
  • developers who do not necessarily have the same language as us,
  • manufacturers and nutrition experts who are not used to working with young people who want to shake up the boundaries of the sector,
  • the Founders Future teams with whom we continuously improve all operational processes, meet numerous candidates in order to recruit the talents who will constitute the team of tomorrow and a lot of other exciting subjects.

Why is customer relations essential?

It is obviously essential, because we are the first “touchpoint” with interested parties/customers. Marketing teams aim to establish a reference brand while optimizing acquisition, activation and retention. It is at the level of activation and retention that customer relations must be impeccable to offer an exceptional experience.

Let’s move on to you, what is your wellness routine?

Wake up early to give yourself time to have time. I take the opportunity to write, exercise, stretch and make myself a good coffee. During the day, I structure my tasks to achieve maximum rhythm. The ideal is to end up playing tennis with my brothers. Then a little drink with my loved ones :)

The next feel good dream you want to achieve?

Going far away, I've never done it. It's a frustration that I've had for a long time. I haven't lived anywhere other than Paris. I love Paris but I would like to experience something else, discover another culture.

What is the object that is most important to you and why? Can you tell us his story?

I have two: my tennis racket and my DJ headphones. These are two passions:

  1. tennis is a family heritage that we share with my father and my brothers. We love playing, talking about it.
  2. my DJ headphones for several reasons:
  • I love music, listening to it and sharing it - I'm listening to a gem at the moment that I recommend - Talisman - Air (they come from Versailles❤️)
  • he accompanied me everywhere, djing represents my first steps as an entrepreneur, I mixed a lot and loved going to hundreds of parties - it gave me a taste for entrepreneurship, it was a great adventure. I learned a lot from it.

What was your last moment of pleasure?

We have themed dinners, we actually have a lot of fun! We dress up with what we have on hand and we get into our roles :) The latest one was yesterday and the theme was French bistro: parsley ham, egg mayo, black pudding, cheese platter (my passion ) and a failed flank!

Fireplace, French playlist, good red wine, some rock and sleep.

What is your go-to feel good address?

My tennis club in Montrouge without a doubt! It's my big favorite, I can't wait to hit the ball with my big brothers.

The last one before parting, if you were to be a plant, a vitamin or a mineral? And why ?

I fall asleep wherever I want, when I want valerian!

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