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EPYCURE How to eat responsibly, with Raphaële Marchal

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In this second episode, we are happy to welcome Raphaële Marchal .

Author, journalist and food expert, Raphaële is a true entrepreneur. She began to make herself known through her blog “En Rang D’ onions” where she shared her encounters, her culinary favorites and quickly made a place for herself in the world of gastronomy journalism. Raphaële has already signed two books in her name (and soon a third), “ À la Folie ” and “ Simple comme bon(jour) ”, published by TANA. Very present on her Instagram account @enrangdavoine , she regularly publishes simple and responsible recipe ideas. And on the television side, Raphaële joined the team of columnists for the daily magazine, William à Midi on C8 .

In this episode, Raphaële talks to us about responsible eating , a complicated subject today in our society, where there is a lot of information. Between local, organic, zero waste, short circuits, fair trade, how to sort and choose a good product? Our culinary journalist gives us the right reflexes to adopt to consume responsibly without breaking the bank or spending too much time. His goal ? Revalue professions and regions, take care of our planet and our health!

According to Raphaële, there are no real basic rules to know in order to consume responsibly. It's simply important to forget everything you think you know about eating well; like strictly respecting the seasonal calendar for fruits and vegetables or reassuring yourself with the labels (which, by the way, are no longer a guarantee for buying your chicken, your butter or your eggs) because things change, very quickly, everything is not stopped. “You have to unlearn what you have learned” and use your common sense, trust yourself, get information, talk and ask questions of producers and winegrowers in order to know the way they work.

Following the appearance of numerous brands, sometimes opaque regarding their marketing method, Raphaële 100% recommends the short circuit. That is to say, a method of marketing agricultural products which is carried out either by direct sale from the producer to the consumer, or by indirect sale provided that there is only one intermediary. This is particularly the case for the Tom Saveurs network. Ultimately, the only way to really know where our money is going.

But then how to find out? Well, with EcoTable , a label and an association which aims to serve sustainable catering. “The Ecotable Label identifies and promotes eco-responsible restaurants based on precise specifications and according to three levels of commitment. It allows everyone to choose restaurants with virtuous environmental practices.” Indeed, the role of restaurateurs becomes crucial because they are the ones who best inform consumers.

Favoring short circuits also means having better quality products, which therefore have more tastes, more flavors… Therefore, we tend to waste less and also consume less. In short, favor quality over quantity .

Despite everything, Raphaële tells us that it is also important to indulge in little pleasures from elsewhere such as avocados, cashew nuts, mangoes… It is not forbidden to consume them, but simply in reasonable quantities. Just like meat, it is important to eat it mindfully.

Upgrading professions is one of Raphaële’s objectives. Indeed, we teach you nothing by telling you that being a farmer is a complicated profession. As consumers, it is important to remember that buying your potatoes at the supermarket will not change the situation. To inspire future farmers, there are people like Joseph Petit, founder of “Au bout du champs” ; local and seasonal fruits and vegetables, harvested in the morning by producers, then distributed during the day to their points of sale.

To finish, Raphaële shares with us her good tips and good addresses thanks to our great game “Le Quizz Tonic” (quick questions-quick answers):

  • His best place to do his shopping : Au bout du champ . Points of sale located in Paris (9, 11, 14, 17, 18, 19, 20) and Levallois-Perret.
  • The model restaurant in terms of responsibilities : Garance , located in the 7th arrondissement in Paris, offers French gourmet cuisine.
  • The village to discover in France for its culinary specialties : In Brittany, in Douarnenez, for its kouign amann and its far breton.
  • The French specialty to discover : Socca de Nice, a kind of large pancake made with chickpea flour.
  • The most innovative country in terms of food : Belgian gastronomy.
  • An easy, healthy and responsible recipe : Clafoutis (to be found on @enrangdavoine ) with varying fruits each season.
  • The chef we should invite to our podcast : Jacques Genin, French chef
  • A cookbook to discover : In the kitchen with Alain Passard, Gallimard BD . And to cultivate yourself: Ferran Adria, the art of food - A philosopher at elBulli , Jean-Paul Jouary , Edition Les Impressions Nouvelles.
  • One piece of advice to give : always assume that you don't know, never be too certain, everything changes very quickly, everything changes faster than we do.

Enjoy listening and see you next week for a new episode!

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