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EPYCURE Overcoming your sugar addiction with Aurélie Canzoneri

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This week, in Le Club Bonheur, we welcome Aurélie Canzoneri , naturopath.

In this episode she talks to us about sugar addiction. How is it set up? How to defeat it? She also tells us about the different types of sugar, how to replace them and the benefits associated with this change in our diet.

During her consultations, but also through her content on social networks, Aurélie gives simple exercises to implement on a daily basis, with the aim of adopting a new, healthier routine and learning to better manage stress.

Sugar is 8 times more addictive than cocaine

Refined sugar is very harmful, it takes 7 to 10 refining steps to obtain a result. Aurélie favors whole sugar, fruit sugar, honey over white sugar. However, you must be careful with fructose, the sugar in fruits, which taken in high doses can be just as harmful for certain people.

The infernal circle

Sugar represents significant risks for our health:

  • Physical risks : overweight and obesity, but also effects on skin cells (wrinkles, dull complexion, overall sagging of the face, lack of flexibility, etc.)

  • Behavioral risks : when we ingest sugar, our pancreas secretes insulin (the purpose of insulin is to lower the blood sugar level), this secretion then puts us in reactive hypoglycemia, which causes again a bout of sluggishness, then the desire for something sweet

  • Hyperactivity : children who consume too much sugar may show signs of nervousness and attention problems

Aurélie's tips for breaking the habit of sugar:

  • Remove processed foods from your cupboards which often contain many hidden sugars and not enough vitamins, minerals and fiber.
  • Avoid fruit juices and prefer whole fruits or smoothies: sugars in the form of juice pass too quickly into the blood and induce an insulin spike.
  • Drink enough water
  • Eat a low-sugar breakfast : the glycemic index in the morning sets the pace for the day. The earlier we consume it, the more the body demands more.
  • Halve the amount of sugar in most recipes
  • Sleep well : sleep regulates the appetite and lack of it creates small sweet cravings.
  • Monitor your intestinal flora : juices and lacto-fermented foods reduce sugar cravings, are good for morale and quickly fill you up.
  • Not having sugar on hand : avoid buying packets of cakes at home

The 80/20 rule

To avoid frustration, it is important to treat yourself to some pleasures from time to time. Our naturopath follows the 80/20 rule. The idea is to eat balanced and light three-quarters of the week and to indulge (without overdoing it) the remaining days.

You will quickly see the benefits this provides; not only the satisfaction of having taken control of your emotions, but also real physical and mental well-being.

To finish, Aurélie took part in our little game of quick questions and quick answers, the “ Tonic Quiz ”. Here are his tips and recommendations:

  • A reflex to have every morning : Something that makes me feel good, a good breakfast, chia pudding with buckwheat herbal tea
  • A book to recommend : The four Toltec agreements , by Miguel Ruiz
  • A food we should all eat : Chia seeds
  • A particularly recommended sugar : Whole sugar, rapadura, coconut blossom sugar
  • A naturopathy precept that we should all apply : Patience
  • Next person to interview : My mother
  • One last piece of advice : “Life is about choices”

If you enjoyed this episode, find Aurélie Canzoneri on her website where you can discover numerous blog articles as well as recipes, on her personal Instagram account @aurelie.canzoneri and also by email, to the following address:

Very good listening and see you next week for a new episode of Club Bonheur!

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