Epycure et la Fondation Terre Solidaire s'associent pour le Vendredi Engagé 🌱 - Epycure

EPYCURE Epycure and the Terre Solidaire Foundation are joining forces for Committed Friday 🌱

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Who said you couldn't take care of your health , your wallet and the planet at the same time? With Committed Friday, it’s possible! For the occasion, Epycure is joining forces with the Terre Solidaire Foundation by committing to donating 10% of the profits from the operation in order to finance concrete projects for the planet .

The Solidarity Earth Foundation

The Terre Solidaire Foundation was created in 2016 by the CCFD - Terre Solidaire to act, particularly in France, in the face of the two major challenges of our time: the massive degradation of our environment (including biodiversity and climate), and the need to build a fairer and more environmentally responsible society. It identifies, supports and finances citizen dynamics which act to break the negative impact of the model of infinite growth on the living conditions of populations , and more broadly the planet and its resources (water, air, forests, etc.). These actions can take various forms: promotion of sustainable and environmentally friendly agriculture, diversification of economic models in society, new forms of citizen participation in public affairs, citizen shareholding in renewable energies, etc.

Some key figures :

  • 6 years of action
  • 173 projects supported, including 96 in France
  • 8 sheltered foundations
  • 3.2 million euros in grants awarded

To discover some examples of projects supported by the foundation, go here or here .

4 reasons to join the movement:

1. Support French know-how

At Epycure, we don't buy anything off the shelf, the formulas are developed in-house , tested and validated by our community of testers , then manufactured across the four corners of France - but never further afield!

2. A company with a positive impact

Even if we are not revolutionizing the world, the Engaged Friday initiative is part of our B Corp business approach by donating 10% of our profits to the Terre Solidaire Foundation to finance concrete projects for the planet. A way for us to make our contribution!

3. Treatments accessible to all wallets

Make our cures accessible to all so that everyone can take care of themselves as naturally as possible , particularly in an economic context where purchasing power has significantly decreased.

4. Zero waste goal!

Allow you to destock certain more timid cures (but no less effective 😉) in order to respect their use-by dates and not throw them away.

It's time to stock up on vitamins! Until Tuesday, take advantage of discounts of up to -40% on all our treatments, excluding packs and accessories. Who says you can't take care of your wallet while taking care of the planet?

How it works ?

No code is necessary, automatically benefit from -20% on all your treatments with no minimum, then -30% from 80€ of purchases and -40% from 120€ of purchases. You understand: the more you take advantage of it, the more you earn!

To discover the selection, click here .