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RECETTES Green juice & bowl: recipes to support your immunity

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Test new vitalizing recipes to always have more energy!
Our nutrition experts suggest that you adopt two “green” recipes to help you stay healthy and boost your immunity before winter (you can also see our article on 5 tips to boost your immunity before winter ).

1. Green juice energy

Vegetable juices, in addition to providing a large quantity of oxygenating chlorophyll, vitamins and minerals , provide the body with large quantities of nutrients. I advise you to consume it on an empty stomach, ideally before a meal. To make this green you need to have a juice extractor and fresh, organic vegetables.

The steps to follow are simple and the vegetables used can be varied according to your tastes.

- Choose a cucumber base (no need to remove the skin ), fennel or celery which will be used to give juice and drain the body by remineralizing it.

- Add a green apple and a lemon to balance the taste and for their richness in vitamin C.

- Add two handfuls of kale leaves, spinach or salad leaves (they also provide many chlorophyll vitamins which help to detoxify the body ).

- A small piece of ginger that will energize you for the rest of the day and help you resist stress .

2. Green bowl detox

There are endless salads to make depending on the season and the vegetables you have available. The base is 50% sprouts to which we add avocados, nuts or sprouted seeds.
To make this recipe you need to place in a bowl:

- 1/2 organic spinach shoots rich in iron and vitamin C

- 1/4 avocado rich in vitamin B9

- 1/4 sprouted alfafa seeds from an organic store

- Pine nuts and fresh walnuts for their richness in good lipids

- Some pumpkin seeds rich in zinc

A vinaigrette of first cold pressed organic sesame and rapeseed oil for omega 3 , a few pinches of spirulina and raspberry vinegar.

This bowl is perfect as an accompaniment to small sardines marinated in lemon which will provide you with omega 3, iron and vitamins.

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