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BIEN-ETRE 5 essential oils to boost your energy


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Wouldn't it be nice to ditch that third cup of coffee on Monday morning or come home from a long day at work without being completely exhausted? Angélique offers you five essential oils that you can easily find and which will help you boost your energy.

There are many ways to increase your energy levels: sleep earlier or take a nap, eat healthy or stay well hydrated. Aromatherapy is a good natural option to gain vitality. They are known to have a wide variety of health benefits. Research has shown that they affect various biological factors in the body and can play a role in soothing, stimulating, rebalancing and providing synergy to the body. Also, the plants used in their production are known for their richness in vitamins.

Many essential oils offer energetic benefits. Some even help improve concentration, motivation and provide natural care. Here are some of the best oils to increase energy and relieve fatigue. Be careful, however, to use essential oil drops sparingly, to avoid irritation, never orally and always diluted in a fatty and vegetable substance. Choose them carefully, chemotyped and biological. In addition, their use may sometimes not be recommended for pregnant or breastfeeding women or people with breathing and kidney problems. Ask your pharmacist or naturopath for advice if necessary.

1. Lemon HE

This aromatic probably won't surprise you with the multitude of lemon-scented soaps, lotions, and cleaning products. Experts also suggest lemon essential oil to help relieve allergy symptoms, general fatigue and increase energy. Indeed, traditionally, citrus scents have been considered stimulating and energy boosters. As a mental tonic, this essential oil acts on the nervous system to restore morale. Cerebral, physical and mental tonic, Lemon essential oil is ideal for energizing our body and mind. For an invigorating effect, reduce fatigue, relieve anxiety and anxiety, it is interesting to use it in diffusion using a diffuser, in inhalation or olfaction in the morning for 30 minutes continuously or for 1 hour discontinuously.

2. Balsam fir HE

You can add a drop or two of balsam fir oil to a bath, room spray or candle for the sweet, woody, Christmas tree-like scent that seems to magically energize those who breathe it. . Indeed, a Japanese study has proven that the simple act of walking in the forest and breathing compounds naturally present in the air helps reduce stress levels and improve our body's immunity. When people feel grounded, they feel less stressed to provide more energy. If we cannot walk as we would like, we can take advantage of balsam fir essential oil, which will provide us with some of the anxiolytic benefits of molecules naturally present in the forest.

3. Peppermint HE

Peppermint does much more than freshen breath or flavor coffee drinks during the holidays. Like most essential oils in the mint family, this one can boost morale, improve concentration, and eliminate brain fog that can occur after several hours of work. Menthol found in high concentrations in peppermint essential oil works to relieve fatigue and boost concentration. In addition, thanks to its fresh and pleasant smell, Peppermint essential oil is also known to help fight nausea, motion sickness and headaches.

How to use it: 1 drop of peppermint EO diluted in 1 spoon of vegetable oil or honey. Twice a day morning and noon for a one-week treatment.

4. True lavender HE

Most people associate lavender with relaxation. Therefore, including it in a list of energizing oils may seem counterintuitive. However, lavender improves motivation by positively affecting mood, especially when we are in a period of overwork. By reducing stress and anxiety, true lavender essential oil improves cognitive functions to increase memory and concentration. You can use it in different ways: on the skin, gently massage with 1 drop of True Lavender EO in 4 drops of vegetable oil on the affected area, 4 times a day, until improvement.

5. EO of thyme with linalool

This essential oil is generally used for its powerful anti-infectious properties, particularly in the prevention and treatment of winter infections, but not only that! Indeed, linalool thyme instantly awakens neurons to regain optimal concentration and thus reduce mental fatigue. To make the most of its stimulating benefits, use it in massage: dilute 1 drop of EO with 9 drops of vegetable oil and massage the lower back. It will directly stimulate the adrenal glands, involved in the release of energy, and you will be boosted for the day!

We all need a little extra energy from time to time. Essential oils are a fantastic way to add some pep to your step without caffeine, sugar or other unwanted stimulants and bring true synergy to our bodies. Find these essential oils in 20, 10 or 5 ml bottles.

These tips are intended to improve your well-being and in no case replace medical follow-up or a consultation with your naturopath. Do not use essential oils in pregnant or breastfeeding women or in anyone with a pathology. If in doubt, consult your doctor.

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