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Digestive or sleep disorders, fragile immune system, skin problems, vitamin deficiencies, etc. For many reasons you may need a course of food supplements, often used in the form of capsules or tablets. In recent years, we have seen the emergence of an innovative form of supplements: gummies . These are small chewing gums formulated from plants, vitamins and minerals , with a role demonstrated by science , which will have the same action as classic food supplements, whether on your well-being or your health, and which will make the grip more pleasant. This original and fun galenic is popular. But many wonder if behind their candy appearance they are as effective as other, more classic forms of food supplements. So for a better understanding of this dosage, we take stock of this alternative to capsules, its advantages and disadvantages.

What are gummies?

Gummies are a form of food supplement , just like capsules, powders, tablets, enriched with plants (hibiscus, spirulina, adaptogenic plants, etc.), vitamins (vitamin B12, vitamin B9, biotin, etc.) and minerals (zinc , selenium, iron, magnesium, etc.) for a specific or global action on the body. These vitamin gums have the same texture as candy and are in fact made up of a glucose syrup base which gels in the presence of apple pectin or maltitol, a natural ingredient from corn, which replaces weight for weight the sugar and allows you to maintain a pleasant taste and a soft texture without the sugar.

To combine pleasure and well-being and take care of your health, Hélène, our R&D manager at Epycure, has formulated a whole range of gummies with good raspberry, orange, redcurrant, cherry and many other flavors, enriched with medicinal plants (such as saffron or adaptogenic plants), essential oils, vitamins and minerals of natural origin . Depending on your desires and needs, you can also act on your stress, your sleep, your skin, your nails, your hair or on the detoxification of your body. And in addition to being pleasant to consume, our gummies are made in France and are suitable for all diets.

How can we explain their success?

Following several studies, it became clear that a large proportion of people who started a course of dietary supplements tended to stop taking them partway through, either because they had an unpleasant taste, or because their form resembles that of medicines, or because they simply get tired of it. Until today, most people actually considered food supplements as products with a curative dimension. But this vision is evolving, and more and more people are realizing that these products are intended to prevent everyday life problems and illnesses, for a happier everyday life . Gummies are therefore reinventing the way to supplement . With their delicious candy taste, this format allows you to pamper your body, your health, your beauty while having fun. No more excuses for not completing your treatment !

Are the dosages of active ingredients in gummies lower than in capsule cures?

Gummies often have lower quantities of active ingredients than capsules because at present it is not possible to put more than 10% of active ingredients in a gummy, compared to more than 50% in a capsule or tablet. Too much active ingredient would prevent the formation of gummy. For certain active ingredients, notably vitamins and most minerals, this is not too problematic, because they are effective at a few µg or mg. This is sometimes more problematic with certain plants which require several hundred mg to be effective.

Obviously we know all this at Epycure and we take it into account for the development of each formula to remain on the most effective product possible: then we either restrict the choice of plants to only use effective plants in smaller percentages, either we give up the galenic gummies if the choice of a specific plant is important for the desired effectiveness.

Are gummies high in sugar?

At Epycure, we now offer a range of sugar-free gummies , making it possible to meet the dietary restrictions of the greatest number of people (diabetics, sleepers, glucose intolerances, etc.). In this case, the glucose syrup has been replaced by maltitol of natural origin , extracted from corn, an ingredient which replaces sugar weight for weight and provides the necessary filler to restore the consistency of the gummies: even softer and softer. The use of maltitol allows you to keep the taste and consistency of sugar while reducing its caloric intake (1 gummy without sugar = 8 kcal vs 1 gummy with sugar = 15 kcal).

For the few references we have left with sugar, the base of the gummies is indeed glucose syrup which gels in the presence of apple pectin (and not aspartame). So, if your diet allows it, just take into account that 2 gummies only represent 2 grams of sugar, the number of calories contained in a quarter of an apple. If you prefer to limit your sugar consumption, you can consume them at the time of your snack, by limiting the sugar intake at the side for example.

Can everyone eat gummies?

Yes, gummies can be eaten by everyone, unless contraindicated of course . As with all food supplements, each formula has its contraindications, whether related to your age or your physiological state, which depend on the active ingredients used and the dosages. Children under 12 years old, pregnant or breastfeeding women or people under medical treatment must be particularly vigilant. So take a look at the back of the packaging where all the precautions for use and contraindications are detailed.

Are gummies really effective?

As part of a balanced diet, gummies have the same effectiveness as powder or capsule treatments . Taking a cure every day, with pleasure, is a guarantee of better effectiveness , compared to a cure taken every other day, when you think about it. In addition, the active ingredients in the gummies integrate the body optimally, just like other forms of food supplements. However, be careful with certain ingredients, such as probiotics for example, which are only effective if they are absorbed in the intestines. They should therefore not be preferred in the form of gummies because they risk being destroyed before arriving in the intestinal microbiota.

How to choose the form of your food supplement?

Gummies or classic food supplements? There is no difference in effectiveness, each supplement is formulated to have the best possible action on the body. So, you must choose the form that you enjoy consuming to be sure to follow your treatment rigorously for maximum effectiveness . If swallowing capsules bothers you and you prefer to take care of yourself every day in a fun and pleasant way, gummies are made for you. If, on the contrary, you don't like the taste of gummies and prefer a form with a neutral taste, you can turn to capsules.

How to take your gummies cure to feel real effects?

The duration of the treatment will depend on the desired effect. If you are looking to relieve your stress occasionally during peak stress, you can consume your treatment episodically. On the other hand, if you want in-depth action on your sleep, for example, choose a treatment lasting several weeks or several months. We always recommend favoring a 3-month treatment. The body needs to get used to the active ingredients in order to get the maximum benefits from them. Be careful not to exceed the recommended number of gummies per day because this is the most suitable daily dose to provide you with effectiveness without any risk of overdose. So even if after a week or two you don't yet feel the effects, be patient and respect the dosage. If you want to combine the effects (hair and skin, digestion and immunity, etc.), you can also combine the products, they are complementary and their benefits match 100%. Remember to check the doses of active ingredients and not exceed the recommended daily dose.

So, want to try our delicious gummies that are as natural as they are effective?

Paul-Etienne Jacob

CEO, Epycure