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EPYCURE 10 questions about your treatment


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This 10-point guide covers the main questions you might ask yourself about your treatment . The support throughout serves to gradually integrate new habits that are favorable to your healthy lifestyle.

1. Are the results of my treatment immediate?

You need to give the body a little time to recharge with vitamins and minerals and understand the changes that are taking place. The first results should appear after 3 months but this varies from one individual to another so just have a little patience, all your efforts will eventually pay off.

2. How can I maximize my results?

It may be that for certain people who implement a fairly rapid transformation of their diet and lifestyle, that the results are maximized and for this we surround ourselves every day with nutrition experts and naturopaths to guide you through make the right choices and answer all your questions. Contact our experts, they are just waiting to help you and guide you towards transforming your lifestyle in order to achieve your goals, live better and in good health for longer! You will be surprised at the energy savings thanks to the implementation of a few practical tips.

3. What objectives should I choose for my treatment?

You have the choice in your questionnaire to indicate several objectives to us; the first selected will be the one which will allow us to offer you a personalized formula according to your needs. But you are free (like air) to be able to change your objective and modify it at any time but we advise you to focus on a particular objective, achieve it and move on to the next one.
If you follow the advice of our experts to improve your diet and lifestyle, this will have an overall effect on your body so you will see many changes appear; which will perhaps already serve your second objective!

4. Is my treatment compatible with a vegetarian, vegan or vegan diet?

And what if we tell you that the love for plants is part of our DNA! Your treatment is obviously 100% vegan and plant-based right down to the end of the capsules, the shell of our capsules often made from bovine gelatin on the market is composed of spirulina , its blue color is due to the exceptional pigment phycocianin of spirulina which has powerful antioxidant properties.

5. Is my treatment compatible with taking medication?

It may be compatible, but it will depend on the type of medication. If in doubt, we prefer to refer you to your doctor or let you contact our experts at the following address: contact@epycure.com .

6. Is my treatment compatible with pregnancy or breastfeeding?

Pregnancy and breastfeeding are special and privileged moments in a woman's life which require specific support according to targeted needs. Your body must be maintained like a real little jewel to transmit to the future baby all the quality nutrients he needs. Instead, we recommend that you choose a supplement adapted to your pregnancy and recommended by your gynecologist.

7. Where does my cure come from?

Your treatment is manufactured by one of our partner suppliers in France, certified according to the standards and regulations in force in France. Our partner has a high quality requirement in the production of your personalized formulas and meets our demanding specifications in terms of both quality and eco-responsibility aspects.
The active ingredients are carefully sourced for their quality, their origin and their bioavailability, our formulas are constantly improved to offer you the best experience possible with a constant search for effectiveness but also for naturalness which is dear to us.

8. What is its ecological footprint?

Our formulations are clean and our packaging biodegradable. We try as much as possible to use natural active ingredients and materials in order to minimize our ecological footprint. The use of the kraft doypack to contain your refills is the very illustration of this.

9. Why was Epycure created?

The Epycure adventure was born to help you get better and live longer, happy and healthy !
Epycure surrounds itself with competent naturopaths and nutrition experts to offer you the best products and at the same time personalized and holistic coaching.

10. How do I take my treatment ?

All the information can be found in our article above.

Come and answer our questionnaire to find out what your body needs and so that we can provide you with your personalized solution.

Paul-Etienne Jacob

CEO, Epycure