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Today in Club Bonheur, we welcome Kate Busuttil.

Kate Busuttil, naturopath and nutrition therapy coach, talks to us about weight loss. How to lose weight peacefully and sustainably? Kate gives us all her advice on how to stop dieting and regain your healthy weight with full awareness. Are you ready to get better?

What do you mean by mindful eating?

First of all, Kate tells us that she is against diets because according to her, the diet is doomed to failure. The only diets that really help people lose weight are those for obese people, with real monitoring, operations, etc.

Eating consciously is the act of being aware of everything we put in our mouth, it will bring us something good or bad for our figure and our health. Even before eating, during preparation, it is interesting to question why we cook these foods, what they will bring to our body, etc. In addition, when there are discrepancies (which is totally normal from time to time) the next day we will try to rebalance everything.

Concretely, how can we cultivate mindful eating?

Eating mindfully and doing good for yourself means: firstly finding recipes, going to the market, doing shopping and telling yourself that it's not a chore to make food for yourself even if you're alone! Secondly: Prepare your recipe for 15 minutes in the kitchen and thirdly: sit down and savor what you have taken the time to prepare while asking yourself the question of what you put in your mouth.

Does this prevent snacking?

This is the best way to calm the snacking, as Kate tells us. Eating foods with a low glycemic index avoids triggering the insulin peak, so the desire to snack and sugar is no longer present. We are therefore not going to store what we are going to eat.

For breakfast, for example: Replace the oatmeal with oat bran, replace the honey with agave syrup and add apples and 0% cottage cheese. In addition, you always have to be in a process, I eat to my fullness.

What do you think of dairy products?

It's essential when you're a baby. But you should know that milk is very allergenic, especially in children, and in adults it causes reflux because it can become acidic in the body. As a substitute we use plant-based milk so for a diet you just have to be careful that it is sugar-free. Oat and coconut milk are very high in calories. Almond milk is a good compromise but Kate reminds us that above all we must listen to our body.

What about the bread?

It's the same, if we are gluten intolerant, the body will speak/react so we have to stay tuned. You should rather be wary of the starch in white bread which will have the same effect on the body as a food with a high glycemic index. As a result, 2 hours later hunger will appear. It is good to favor cereal breads. It's the same thing for pasta, if it's cooked al dente the starch won't come out!

And sugar?

In naturopathy, for a body to be healthy there must be an acid-base balance, which means that cancer cells develop in a body that is not healthy. Cancer cells feed on sugar. Refined sugar is bad for your health as are all prepared meals etc. You have to keep the fruit well!

What is your advice when we start to feel too guilty, lose control, etc.?

To look yourself in the mirror ! In the morning, take care of your body because the more we take care of ourselves externally, the more we will want to take care of ourselves internally through our diet.

What are your views on intermittent fasting?

You already have to feel free of guilt if you want to miss family dinner to do intermittent fasting! Each person in the family has different needs and from a certain age we cannot eat the same thing as children or adolescents.

Kate is for intermittent fasting because it helps strengthen the immune system. When we pause our body, we also pause our organs, so the body cleans itself. For Kate it is preferable to do this fast in the evening because breakfast is really the energy that we will give to our body for the day.

Finally, Kate Busuttil gives us her advice and recommendations by playing the “Tonic Quiz” game (quick questions - quick answers):

  • A book to recommend: The Four Toltec Agreements by Miguel Ruiz
  • A food to consume without moderation? A mug of hot water
  • A favorite recipe? Coral lentil dahl
  • An activity to raise awareness? yoga
  • The next person to interview? Elodie Garamon from Tigre Yoga Club
  • Any final advice for listeners? Take care of yourself, no one will do it as well as you!

Find Kate and her program on Instagram @dietkate and on her website .

Excellent listening!

We'll see you next week for a new episode of Club Bonheur.

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