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Metabolism is defined by the level of calories burned by the body. At rest, the body spends calories to maintain vital functions such as breathing or body temperature. Many non-modifiable factors such as genetics, age, sex or weight can influence metabolism. Fortunately, it is possible to increase your metabolism . In this article, we explain everything about basic metabolism and give you our best advice for boosting it.

Metabolism and energy expenditure

Metabolism is the set of chemical reactions that take place within our body and which has an influence on our well-being, our physical form and even our mood. It is necessary to process food and burn calories. There are two main types of metabolism: anabolism and catabolism. Catabolism refers to the process of transforming food into chemical compounds usable by the body , such as the transformation of proteins into amino acids. Anabolism refers to the opposite process, the use of these compounds for the optimal functioning of the body. The synthesis of muscles using amino acids is an example. Energy metabolism represents our body's ability to transform ingested calories into energy and includes three components that it is essential to distinguish.

  • The basic metabolism which represents the quantity of energy necessary for the body to allow it to function at rest or to ensure its vital functions. It varies depending on different factors such as height, weight, age, sex and thyroid activity and corresponds to approximately 60% of total energy expenditure.
  • The active metabolism which represents the energy that our body mobilizes for our daily movements but also that spent when practicing a sport. It depends on the degree of physical activity. It can vary considerably from one individual to another and represents approximately 30% of total energy expenditure.
  • Thermogenesis which refers to the quantity of energy spent by our body to ensure the digestion of the foods ingested and therefore to metabolize the nutrients contained in these foods. It represents approximately 10% of total energy expenditure.

Thus, there are two levers on which it is possible to act to increase calorie burning, namely active metabolism and thermogenesis.

Slow or fast metabolism?

Some people have faster metabolisms than others. This is explained by the work of several factors specific to their organism and also to their lifestyle. We distinguish between slow metabolism and fast metabolism. A slow metabolism is characterized by an almost systematic accumulation of fats as energy reserves, which can lead to weight gain. On the contrary, a fast metabolism refers to a category of people whose body has a slightly higher speed of nutrient assimilation than normal. They burn calories quite quickly without storing fat.

You should know that the basic metabolism can be influenced by various immutable factors , such as genetics, age, weight, illness or even hormones. In the case of slow metabolism, these factors can promote weight gain and a reduction in resting energy expenditure. Other lifestyle factors can also impact and disrupt your basal metabolism, such as a restrictive diet that causes the body to slow down, thyroid problems, lack of sleep or chronic stress that disrupts the assimilation of nutrients.

It is possible to accelerate your metabolism by focusing in particular on 4 essential aspects : diet, physical activity, sleep and stress management.

How to increase your metabolism through food?

To stimulate your metabolism, diet plays a very valuable role. What we eat determines our shape, our performance, our sleep, our recovery, our health and our weight.

Eat regularly

Plan to eat smaller amounts more frequently to boost your metabolism. Plan at least 3 meals a day, breakfast , lunch and dinner to provide your body with everything it needs to function properly. You can also plan a snack , to limit cravings, especially if your lunch and dinner are light. Nothing very new, but a booster shot never hurts.

Focus on proteins

In addition to playing a role in maintaining muscle mass, they require more energy than fats and carbohydrates to be digested. In fact, lipids increase the percentage of energy consumed by 0 to 3%, carbohydrates by 5 to 10% and proteins by 15 to 30%. So favoring foods rich in protein will help you burn more calories during digestion and increase your metabolism at rest. Good proteins to speed up your resting metabolism are those that have high levels of amino acids and low levels of fats. Focus on quality white meats, fish, and eggs.

Eat the right fats

To boost your metabolism, you must consume good lipids, that is to say lipids containing a large quantity of fatty acids. They allow us to burn calories several hours after a meal and are essential for our cells. Choose oils from first cold pressing, which are better for your health, and vary the fats. You can use coconut, rapeseed, olive and walnut oil for example, and consume flax seeds, chia seeds, oilseed fruits like almonds and fatty fish like tuna or salmon, which are rich in omega 3.

Eat spicy

Spicing up your dishes is also an excellent way to boost your metabolism. One study showed that chili pepper could raise metabolic rate by up to 50% for 3 hours after consumption. Certain spices like turmeric, pepper, cinnamon or paprika can also boost your metabolism.

Eat foods rich in micronutrients

The thyroid plays an essential role in the metabolism of lipids, carbohydrates and proteins. A weak thyroid can be responsible for weight gain. This is why it is important to stimulate its functioning by consuming vitamins, iodine, iron, zinc and selenium. You can favor the consumption of fruits, in particular citrus fruits such as lemon and grapefruit or red fruits, which are rich in vitamins, antioxidants and fat burners.

Drink cold water

Water makes up 70% of our body. It takes part in all the chemical reactions that occur in our cells. Hydrating yourself regularly helps increase your metabolism. This effect is increased tenfold when you consume cold water because the colder the water is, the more your body will increase its caloric expenditure to warm it up.

Drink tea and coffee

Studies have shown that coffee, in addition to being calorie-free, helps stimulate the basal metabolism for 150 minutes. Caffeine will activate the combustion of lipids contained in the body, but it must be consumed in moderation. Theine contained in green tea also plays a role in increasing basal metabolism. Green tea also contains tannins and catechins which will counteract the assimilation of fats.

Avoid refined sugars and saturated fats

Without nutritional benefit, pastries, cold meats, butter or pastries rich in saturated fats and refined sugars should be consumed in very limited quantities because they slow down the metabolism and promote weight gain. Consuming fewer carbohydrates forces your body to draw on its reserves in order to provide the energy necessary for all organs to function properly, which causes additional energy expenditure. It is not a question of eliminating carbohydrates or fats but of favoring, for example, complex carbohydrates contained in whole grains or foods rich in good fats.

What about stress, sleep and physical activity?

Boosting your metabolism is not just about the composition of your plate. You need to include regular physical activity, restful sleep, and a positive mindset into your lifestyle. All these efforts combined will allow the body to increase its energy expenditure, whether during exercise or at rest, and to maintain a healthy weight over the long term.

Whatever physical activity you choose, if you integrate it into your daily life, you will burn calories because for your muscles and your heart to activate, they need to use energy. They start by using the sugar reserves available in your body. Once these reserves are exhausted, they use fat reserves. Depending on the intensity chosen, you will obviously burn more or fewer calories. The most important point for lasting weight loss is regularity . No matter what sport you choose, you need to enjoy yourself in order to stay motivated. To obtain results, it is recommended to do 2 or 3 sports sessions per week , lasting 45 minutes (the body draws on our reserves from 30 or 40 minutes).

Next, sleep regulates many things in our body, including our hormone secretions and our appetite, but also our metabolism. Restorative sleep helps to limit snacking in the event of fatigue and to better assimilate nutrients. Getting enough sleep is therefore one way to boost your metabolism and, conversely, lack of sleep can slow down your metabolism and increase the risk of weight gain. Focus on nights of 7 to 8 hours so that your body can regenerate properly and stimulate your metabolism.

Finally, it is important to know how to manage your stress on a daily basis . Indeed, it increases the production of the stress hormone called cortisol and has the effect of increasing appetite and hunger, fat storage and therefore slowing down the metabolism. So take some time for yourself and try meditation, yoga or breathing exercises to relieve your stress.

A little help

To optimize your efforts, you can also turn to food supplements. Depending on their composition, they can be very effective in boosting your metabolism and activating weight loss. This is the case with our Metabolism Boost , delicious chewable tablets with a blueberry flavor . This chewable food supplement based on cola, Moro orange, chromium and choline helps boost lipid metabolism and weight loss . This complex of active ingredients is the perfect combo to dislodge already installed fat and reduce its future storage, while detoxifying the liver and regulating blood sugar. Cola , a powerful stimulant rich in caffeine and theobromine, and Moro orange, rich in vitamins, minerals and fiber, help increase lipid metabolism and break down fats accumulated in the body. Moro orange and chromium promote good cholesterol (HDL) to the detriment of bad cholesterol (LDL). Chromium , a partner of insulin, also helps maintain normal blood sugar levels and thus prevent ingested sugar not used by the body from being stored in the form of fat. Finally, just like Moro orange and cola, choline increases normal lipid metabolism. It also has a detox effect on the liver by preventing the accumulation of fats in this organ.

This product, combining the benefits of herbal medicine and micronutrition, was formulated alongside our French laboratory and our health experts. In addition to being made in France, Boost Metabolism are composed of 90.7% ingredients of natural origin and are suitable for all diets (gluten-free, lactose-free and vegan). Small bonus for their good blueberry taste and their low sugar content . No more excuses for following your treatment to the end!

Each sachet contains 30 tablets , i.e. a 30-day course, renewable. It is recommended to take 1 tablet per day , preferably in the morning or at midday. This is the most suitable quantity to provide you with effectiveness without any risk of overdose. Our treatments have been formulated so that they can be combined with each other. For example, if you chose the slimming objective during the questionnaire, you can combine your personalized treatment with the Metabolism Boost and the Slimming Powder without any problem. These cures are complementary and their benefits match 100%. These tablets are not recommended for pregnant and breastfeeding women, children and people sensitive to caffeine. If you have the slightest doubt about its consumption, do not hesitate to seek advice from a health professional.

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