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NUTRITION The 5 best books on nutrition

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Tantalizing culinary recipes, revelations on how our body works and advice for better digestion, here is our selection of books to devour, without moderation!

Buckwheat, the little seed with big effects, by Marie-Laure Tombini

A source of plant proteins, moderate glycemic index, rich in minerals, vitamins and antioxidants, buckwheat is also environmentally friendly: its cultivation has very little impact on the land and promotes biodiversity. Here we discover 45 recipes, savory and sweet: buckwheat-pomegranate and pear tabbouleh, stuffed peppers, buckwheat-peach and tomato salad, buckwheat and smoked salmon waffles, apple and caramel tart...

Why spaghetti bolognese doesn't exist, by Arthur Le Caisne

Why should you never pepper a chicken before roasting it? Why doesn't drinking water help quell the heat in a chili pepper? Why salt vegetable water (or not)? So many questions that we ask ourselves and which finally find their answers in this fascinating work. Enough to also liven up conversations at the table around a roast chicken (salted before cooking or not?).

1 vegetable = 3 recipes, you will love vegetables, by Céline Mingam

Play with our vegetables to rediscover them? This is what chef Céline Mingam, from the restaurant l'Ourse, in Nantes, offers us. Each vegetable is available in three recipes playing on the preparation methods (cutting, cooking or not, etc.) and accompanied by its favorite ingredients, to focus on the right combinations. In all, 50 easy recipes that renew the genre.

Irritable bowel, by Professor Jean-Marc Sabaté

Pain, alternating diarrhea and constipation, bloating... these common symptoms are known as irritable bowel syndrome, or IBS. The author, a gastroenterologist at the Avicenne hospital in Bobigny, is conducting research at Inserm on colopathy. Here he takes stock of the causes of IBS, which affects several million people in France, and ways to relieve it: treatments, diets, alternative medicine, etc.

500 Low Fodmaps recipes, from Dr Pierre Nys

Fodmaps are these small fermentable sugars that give so much trouble to sensitive intestines. And they are found in a host of foods: milk and fresh cheese, certain cereals including wheat, fruits (apples, peaches, etc.), vegetables (leeks, mushrooms, etc.), dried vegetables, etc. When you are intolerant to them, adjust varied menus is a real headache! To remedy this, this book has the solution, with 500 express recipes to change every day of the year!